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Story of a Real Medical provider victim of cumbersome
Medicare enrollment process by an Attorney?

"The private insurers have not been difficult with respect to moving office locations but, Medicare has been an absolute nightmare. We moved our offices from Schertz, TX to Live Oak, TX in early 2009. The billing service we were using at that time filled out a 855b along with a 855i (if I remember correctly). The 855i was for the DMERC part of Medicare. To make a long story short, the DMERC carrier found an "error" on the 855i after sitting on it for a exceedingly long time.The form was returned to the billing service where it again sat for too long. The DMERC then performed a site visit at the Schertz office in March of 2009, two weeks after we had no presence there.

We received a letter from the Medicare fraud unit that we were billing for services out of a non-existent address and revoked our DMERC number. It didn't matter that we filed the 855i since it was returned for a presumed error. Trailblazer and Part B then pulled my number a month later due to my "record" with the DMERC. It took 6 months and almost $30,000 in legal fees just to get my numbers reinstated. "

-Eddie Davis MD ( San Antonio, TX)

We do all kinds of Medicare change of information

  1.  New Medicare application for Groups and provider
  2.  Pecos Re-validation including EMR registration and attestation.
  3.  Existing Medicare change of information.
  4.  Adding new facilities and physicians in the group practice.
  5.  Processing of all kinds of 855 forms.
  6.  Medicaid credentialing.
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